Still Dreamin’…

Remember when I told you my husband I made a life plan to someday build a ranch in the country?  Here’s to that dream:

And, of course, I cannot forget my sister, author of We used to live together in Wisconsin while we attended school at the University.  She and I shared many a winter together, and a lot of Paul Simon played through the record player. We raised parakeets there, the best we could.  Learned to cook, paint, draw, and throw parties that always involved costumes!  We learned to put a house and a wardrobe together by carousing thrift shops. We learned to keep a home together and most importantly we fell hopelessly in love! Sisterly love like nothing in the whole world.  If you have a sister, consider yourself blessed, treat her well, love her and take care of her always.

Here’s to you Ringleader, my sister, my confidante, my best friend: