Give Your Mind a Mini Trip

An abstract piece of art uses color, form, and line to extract feeling or expression from the artist.  The form can be independent from visual worldly references. Departure from these references can be partial or complete, or even obsolete.

When viewing a piece, something about it might make you turn away immediately, maybe or zero in on a stroke, or have a general feeling of some kind wash over you…You could be disgusted or delighted or anywhere between or outside.

What makes you you and me me is what speaks to us and how, otherwise I think we are all pretty much the same.


Look at a piece long enough until you see, and you might change it.
Look at a piece long enough until you see, and it might change you…

A Philosopher’s Hideaway (Wisconsin Part 3)

Deep in the woods of Wisconsin, somewhere between the birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder and that of Caddie Woodlawn, sits a house in the trees.

To reach the first level, one must pull down a particularly heavy ladder and climb past a nesting mouse.

But first you will have to dodge the poison ivy that has surrounded the house, seemingly safeguarding it from unwelcome visitors.

Once you have arrived in your hideaway, set up camp before the sun goes down, and marvel at the sublime simplicity of your abode.

Carefully make your way to the very top level, the “crow’s nest”, where you are as high as the tops of the trees.  

Once you have made your treehouse into a tree-home, head for the lake and take a dip, or glide through the icy blue waters on a canoe.

Before long its time to head back to the treehouse and kick start the evening with a little dinner and dancing thanks to a handy and powerful little bluetooth speaker .

But there isn’t too much time to celebrate, soon darkness will fall and the coyote packs will howl. Gather around the dwindling coals for s’mores and horror stories from the grave!!  Gather your scary story inspiration from the photo you saw in the small town diner where you lunched before you embarked on your adventure.

You know the one I’m talking about, that diner that sits on a lonely road right outside the woods…

After you survived a night in some of the freshest air around, pack up and have lunch on the lawn of a small park, before heading home.

Your soul is quiet and calm after such a trip so enjoy the ride home back to your everyday life.

Take that tranquility with you wherever you go and never forget the night you spent in the canopy of the Wisconsin woods.

How to Take a Spiritual Journey

There are a number of journeys that can constitute a spiritual journey. One is the journey you take from one home to another: The man traveling from Wisconsin who sells his Chevy for a bus ticket to California, ends up traveling for three days without a shower or a bed.

Brothers, and Their Baggage, in India By A. O. SCOTT, Published: Sep 28, 2007 NY TIMES

Another journey you take to shed your baggage in order to find something that is missing from your life: Three semi-estranged brothers reunite on a train to search for their mother, who has joined a convent in India.

Another yet, is the one you take to bury a loved one: The daughter comes back to her old hometown to share her mother’s final days.

Some journeys are drawn out and some are short and fast. Some you take alone and some are crowded with voices.

It need not be approached too consciously; getting overly involved in its contents and outcome will cause you to over think.

The point is to release feelings of false control, so let go…

First, you must be called upon. This will come in the form of an opportunity that you will either listen to or not. Be a YES man, take that chance and start your journey.

You begin totally green. 

You, essentially a fool, are
courageous because you don’t know what is ahead of you. “[The fool] is the adventure in us that leaves safe places to find new things, he is the part of us that is hungry enough to want more and silly enough to take the risks to find what we need(1).”

Along the way you will meet characters with their own wisdom.

Some will recognize your journey as one that will continue.

Others will believe you have gone as far as you should go.

Furthermore, you will be presented with trials.

These you must face in light of your history and what brought you there in the first place.

The characters that you interact with and the trials you face play with different aspects of your subconscious and conscious mind.Some call upon your analytic reasoning powers while others will dip into the imagination…About halfway through, you will have a revelation of sorts.

This will transform you.

Go with it and return a new person.

Now, its your turn.

Here is a mini journey for you to take, enjoy: