I am thinking about how music allows me to reflect on life.

A pause to bring clarity and motivation to see the endless beauty that is our life together.

Songs composed just for us.

Words written with our souls hovering somewhere nearby.

Notes that formed in a place and time far from here.

Somehow though we must have been there too because someone is playing for us.

As art is public as it is private, I know that someone else is listening too.

Hello there friend. How about a quick dance out of time and space?


And We Rely on Each Other!

Do you have a friend who in most ways is the exact opposite of you? I have one of those, and even though we disagree on almost everything, she makes me laugh regularly,and I make her cry with a moving rendition of Islands in the Stream, so it works well enough.

But in truth, its more than that. Most of all I know that if I needed her I know she would do anything in her power to help me. That trust in a person is rare, but a gift of the highest degree. I wonder how we go to that point of trust, and I think in a way it was always there. Sure, we have let each other down on numerous occasions, but somehow we always found our way back to each other.

Can you say that someone in your life would put you first? If so, take time every day to be thankful about it and look to them for inspiration.

A person who is giving reminds you the only way to dig yourself out of a bleak existence, is to turn away from your own worries and help others.

No matter what you do for a living, what you do for the day-to-day, without love for your fellow-man, you will have very little.

My friend the dog-person and I the cat lady, appreciate one another’s difference, though we don’t always understand them. She brings out the lumberjack in me, and I bring out the artist in her. Last summer, she took me on a kayak day trip where I faced my biggest fears. Let’s just say that at one point I found myself horizontal in my kayak inching through a drainage pipe filled with lake spiders and their webs. It took me about 10 minutes, and her 30 seconds, but she waited for me, cheering me on.

That same year, we renovated my family’s entire house. Our family was up to our necks in insulation, paint, wood, and tools we never knew existed. In exchange for some hot meals and a peaceful place to rest, she was right by our side until the very end. Furthermore, by way of the craft room we built, she discovered that she was a very talented sculptor and muralist.

We are apart now and we miss one another’s company. The little stuff like stopping by to walk the dogs at the park are lost to distance between us.

But the world gets so crazy, and we are just trying to get by doing the right thing. No matter the distance, we  both know there is someone out there who is carrying a candle in our name.

The time we spent together, sniffing the air along the lake, riding out to the country for a raving hoe down, and watching the sun set over the hills, were what we needed to face the separate worlds we live in today. I’m glad I was paying attention to those little moments, because the peace in my heart remains, and I will always be thankful for that.

A little taste of our nostalgia, my friend’s week in Wisconsin. Now you know why I call her the lumberjack:

The Lumberjack plays with her new toy

The Lumberjack is also a cyclist

The Lumberjack is a soccer goalie, you can sometimes see her playing at midnight!

So thanks friend, for the memories, and those to come.

Still Dreamin’…

Remember when I told you my husband I made a life plan to someday build a ranch in the country?  Here’s to that dream:

And, of course, I cannot forget my sister, author of We used to live together in Wisconsin while we attended school at the University.  She and I shared many a winter together, and a lot of Paul Simon played through the record player. We raised parakeets there, the best we could.  Learned to cook, paint, draw, and throw parties that always involved costumes!  We learned to put a house and a wardrobe together by carousing thrift shops. We learned to keep a home together and most importantly we fell hopelessly in love! Sisterly love like nothing in the whole world.  If you have a sister, consider yourself blessed, treat her well, love her and take care of her always.

Here’s to you Ringleader, my sister, my confidante, my best friend: