Are we Adjusted Yet?

I was looking for the hydrogen peroxide to clean my manicuring tools the other day, and I realized I had organized it all the way downstairs in the cleaning supplies area. Why had I done that? I don’t use it for anything outside of cleaning stuff that I store in the linen closet upstairs. What happened is a classic example of over-zealous new home organizing. When everything is brand new, apparently I feel the need to come up with all new ideas and uses for products. But really, a lot of stuff just stays the same.

Sure, you can start fresh, and perhaps that new path will lead you places you never thought you would go, but it’s always good to nail the basics down. This will help stabilize you in your new life.

As for me, I wouldn’t say I have adjusted completely. I still think of my home in Wisconsin as my home, and this new life in California feels temporary. But I sat in my garden tonight and planted some seedlings while the sun set, and for a moment I felt I could just be. That’s the feeling that comes when I am settled, and I look forward to more moments like that.

Another session in the sauna helped the process. Two days ago I was sick as a dog-nauseated all day. Late in the evening I joined my husband for an evening at the gym. I was sick but I had a feeling the sauna would help me feel better.

Well, the sauna was hot-hotter than it had ever been. My favorite sauna acquaintance was there. She is a lady marred by a car accident involving a texter while driving type. She comes to the gym to work out in the pool, and afterwards shuffles to the sauna with her walker. She is always in pain, and every day is a battle. As we sat together, I let it all out so to say. I told her how I haven’t been feeling good, and how crowded grocery stores and aggressive drivers on the highway make me nervous. I told her how I was frustrated that I couldn’t cook to save my life, that keeping up a house was harder than I thought it would be, and that working out had gone completely by the wayside. I told her I was worried about our new business ventures and that I was scared we would fail. She asked me if I was depressed, and I honestly could say no, I’m not depressed but I was in the habit of thinking like a depressed person. Old habits die hard.

We sweated it out for close to forty minutes and when I got out of there, I was as red as a tomato for at least an hour. That night I went to bed and I had a dream that I had expelled all these toxins from my body. The toxins looked like chunks of raw earth.

When I awoke in the morning, I felt light and free. It was as if a new attitude washed over me, one that was indelibly positive. It occurred to me that if I do the best I can and still fail, then there was nothing to worry about. Any impending failure would be there due to forces I cannot control. I zoomed to the store on the freeway with the windows down and visited the grocery store in the evening only to truly enjoy every moment. Furthermore, I worked on our store with total zeal and found that familiar strength that makes me a powerhouse in the area of business.

I know now that I can do anything I want, and have begun serious plans to go into the fashion business with my sisters.

Last night I drifted into sleep mulling over ideas to write a children’s book, and didn’t let myself fall asleep until I had one good idea to go with the next time I picked up the project.

I am sure the ebb and flow of inspiration will change this state of being, but each time I face my dreams and everyday life as a strong, capable woman, I am able to face the dark days with more wisdom and accomplishment.

Are we adjusted yet? Maybe its a very good thing I’m not.

Gold Standard in Organizing Your Stuff

Lots of us have lots of stuff! The office and craft room can especially and quickly become disaster areas. 

But don’t despair! Start from square one, and steadily clear the area.  

 It is as simple as the following: Create piles designated for their appropriate places and file away. 

Find a place for everything.  I repeat, FIND A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING.  This goes here, that goes there…do this until you have no things left.

Just pile and file!

While this is a time-consuming activity, don’t make it more complicated than it is. 

Sure you want to look through that old box full of love letters you uncovered and forgot about for 15 years.  Yeah, its interesting to see that book you wrote and illustrated in fifth grade about a fat cat who ate the giant pickle that was attacking the town.  But don’t get sucked into the details, file it away into a place that makes sense to you, and come back to it when all is done.

That’s it,  when you are  done, its all gravy. You can start livin!


Extracurricular  Idea:

Once you have cleared the spaces that have plagued your existence for who knows how long, now you can make more work for yourself. . .

Change it up.

You know all those nick knacks that are special to you like framed pictures of your loved ones or porcelain frogs and ducks that dot your shelves?  Don’t be afraid of carefully storing these away and starting afresh. 

This will give you a chance to clean and preserve those items so they can last longer.  Maybe wrap a note with each item to remind you of its significance. You can’t always go back to exactly how it was, but then so is life.

Don’t be afraid of empty spaces, you will find a need for that space. 

Maybe you will find a new need and you will take on a good habit.

Here’s an example of how our family took on a good habit after clearing space : My mom recently purchased a beautiful corner unit with five shelves, and put it near the kitchen table.  After leaving the unit empty for a month, we came across a wire basket we had already owned to be perfect for the middle shelf. 

Soon, we uncovered 30-50 cloth napkins that were never used deep in one of the black hole drawers.  The napkins were perfect for the basket.  Now, the napkins are used regularly which has cut down on our paper product buying and hopefully garbage output. The organization tactic works because it fits one of the cardinal rules of organization:  It must be accessible.

It’s good to change it up, because it opens the door for new ideas to enter your consciousness. So make some more work for yourself, and don’t be afraid to know nothing of the end product, just clear the space and let the future fill it with possibilities!