Alien Corpse Found in Home Installation

It was the abused children and Anne Frank during my elementary years. High school was for racism and undergrad was for classism.

Grad school was for the impoverished.

Late twenties was for death and mother earth.

Early thirties was for animal suffering.

This a timeline of my sorrows: The source of deep sunken tears when my thoughts turn dark and lonesome. Image

I have this place where my sorrows stir. Where if I wallow too long, I get stuck in the muck.

The only way out is…


…a moment in the presence of the amazing


…laughter at the absurd


…a dream reawakened by the hope that someday…one day…

…forgiveness in the arms of the Most Patient Above.

…the tiny spark of love

anxious to ignite

a simple glance to the light

to scatter my fright.


(Post written in 2014-February)


Say What?

I have been hearing some interesting things about dolphins. For one thing, they each have their own name and they talk to one another using their individual names.

“A bottlenose dolphin identifies itself with a signature whistle. The signature whistle is so distinct that scientists can identify individual dolphins by looking at their whistle shapes on a sonogram.” (

Scientists, I hear, are becoming close to interpreting dolphin language. I thought, to myself, when I heard this, that the day we interpret animals’ language, is the day we change as a human race.

The same goes for the day we learn there are extraterrestrial beings outside of earth. It will be the day we as humans have to change the context for which we make sense of the world.

In 1973, a botanist named Lyall Watson, claimed plants have emotions and they could be recorded on a lie detector test. (

This botanist was largely ignored at the time, but today scientists are again claiming that plants actually do talk to one another. They have recorded clicking sounds made by roots, and are observing that plants respond to and grow toward sounds.

‘Clip one of us, and we all go down together!’

So it seems, we really aren’t alone.

And I gotta wonder, what kinda things do the plants and animals know that I don’t?

Jimmy the Gorilla

“I’m ready to speak your language.”

How different things would be, if we understood the world outside of our human terms…