And Then The Rain Came

This thing they call happiness, it suits me just fine…Volcano?

Lately, I find myself singing. Making up verse as I putter through the day. A song may start something like this:

(To the Tune of On Top of Old Smokey)

Oh beautiful oven mitt, all scorched and holey. 

Full of old red sauce and ravi-o-l-i.

(After lost in the trance of the task at hand, I then transition into something like the following:)

(To the tune of Everybody Dance Now)

Everybody groove now, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh…C’mon let’s move, let’s da-a-ance! Move...(Immediate transition to the tune of Respect by Aretha Franklin):What you are! Baby I got it. What you need, you know I want it! All I’m asking is for a little Respect when you come home! Just a little bit…Respect. just a little bit wheeohwheeohwheeeeee…

Here I will quit boring with you the gritty details. There’s a message in this madness, allow me to dig it up…It’s here somewhere…Ah yes, here we are:wheel of fortune

Well, Dear Readers of Miss Corrigan,

A warm breeze by the name of happiness has invited himself over and seems to be making himself comfortable indeed.  How can I explain this? This, feeling of joy at the sound of the constant rain pouring into the scorched earth. At the sight of the neon green sprouts and electric orange buds sprouting from the Aloe Vera drinking the rain with all of it’s might.

It is not a smile that this joy brings, albeit its presence is prevalent to say the least,  no this joy, for lack of a better word, is something that covers one like the most wonderful blanket in the world. It is waterproof, but not rain proof, it allows one to feel the soft breeze and inhale the fresh sky filled with fresh life.

As the wheel of fortune turns, we experience life at times without the blanket. Sometimes without a roof, a bed, or our favorite toy. We experience life’s events hungry, cold, and lonely. Sometimes we lose everything.

But the wheel spins, folks. The wheel spins.

Yours truly,

Miss Corrigan

For a look at how the wheel spins, read an article written almost exactly a year earlier

Life flies

Life flies. No I mean it. It is as fleeting as a the hummingbird. Whenever there is something I am looking forward to-say a birth, it is here before I know it. When the moment comes, it is as if it has always been there.

Our backyard is brimming with life, spring is here. The apple tree is blossoming after so many days being dormant, it bloomed with a flourish, as if to say I have always been here.  If there is anything I will regret it is the moments I spent caught up in the daily bustle. I will mourn the moments that I lost because I was too busy getting ready for the next thing.

It is only natural for us to be caught up, that we must tend to our spirituality in a conscious manner. It is because we must tend to it, do we reap the special rewards from doing so. Prayer, reflection, and patience in life’s most mundane moments are where I can find the spiritual energy that is bursting everywhere on earth.  There are times when I want to say forget all this mumbo jumbo. Life is short and then we die. (A saying I found to be most prevalent in the dinosaur exhibit at the natural history museum.) However, when I quiet the mental chatter, and the beauty flows into my being, even if it is for a moment, I am capsized by the audacity of life’s offerings.

An example:

Once while I was downstairs cleaning the dishes, the light streamed into the windows just so that I lay pause to my work. I stopped and was suddenly overcome with this warm immense joy. This joy was so intense it brought me to tears and nearly to my knees. After a moment I gathered myself together, and as it happens when I feel such emotion I seek out the ones I love to tell them how much I appreciate them. But as I went searching for my husband, I found that he was directly above me. And he was praying…

Even prayer can seem mundane, and maybe even crazy. I must wrestle with this feeling of maybe not really meaning it, going through the motions so to say. But it is practice that makes anything else better, why would prayer be any different? Every so often, prayer is not mundane, it is essential and stirring.  When it is, it is as if God has always been there, and that knowledge can give a girl new life once again.


Open Your Brain Pathways

Anyone can draw. I don’t know about playing an instrument, speaking in multiple languages, acting, doctoring, free speaking, dancing, driving, cooking, stock brokering, card dealing ..but I do know that anyone can draw.

You may not have any desire to draw. But learning to draw doesn’t care if you want to or not.

It only wants you to open up the Right Brain, and give that incessant Left Brain a rest.

It wants you to open your Artist Brain.

So even if you don’t think you care about drawing, you might benefit from the awakening of your artist brain.  Amazement, ultimate gratitude, and inspired creativity will surely follow.

How to Exercise Your Right Brain

With a Drawing Exercise

Materials Needed

Pen or pencil

Piece of paper


Your hand or something equivalent



Before you start, a little something to go in with:

Understand first, that drawing is a skill, and it does get better with practice, and it does get augmented by natural talent that we all have.

But before you can even start practicing or exploring your natural talent. You have to really see.

You will know that you are seeing when you look at a simple object that you might normally glance at, but instead could look at forever and ever.

You can look at it forever, because you go from hardly glancing at an object to seeing the shapes, lines and curves, space and negative space, textures, color, shadows, light, and composition components.

If it sounds boring, it’s because your Left Brain is still talking-words like lines and space aren’t for the Right Brain to tell you about in your native language.

No, no. The Right Brain speaks for itself and only in a language your Left Brain refuses to let you in on.



Your goal is to SEE your hand and draw it WITHOUT LOOKING at it. You will take ten minutes to do this task. Use a timer to tell you when you are done.

Draw that hand(in any position you can hold for ten minutes), and do not peek with your eyes at what you are drawing.

Instead follow the lines of your hand with your eyes and mentally connect to the hand that is drawing.

Step 3


After ten minutes is up, put down your drawing utensil and observe your drawing. Think about where your mind went during that ten minutes. Observe the interaction of your Right and Left Brain; ask yourself when and to what degree did the Right Brain take over? Was there a moment when my hand drawing hand was following exactly what I was seeing? Does the drawing look to be following the hand that is being drawn? What went wrong? Where was my mind when the pen went astray?

Artist: Cowboy

Artist: Cowboy

Attempt 2 By Cowboy

Attempt 2 By Cowboy

Goal of Exercise

Stop thinking and talking.

Listen and let the world do the thinking for you.

(Now, doesn’t that sound fun?)

Cold & Flu Relief

Shout-out to flu sufferers this season. If you were one of them, then you might agree with the theory that it must have been a manufactured virus that escaped from a lab somewhere on the East coast and made its way all the way West, leaving a wake of supreme suffering.

It was terrible, but in some ways it was wonderful. For anyone who thought they were going to die and then lived to see another day, you know what I’m talking about…

That Elusive Cure

The go-to, relieve-all for flu sufferers is still Aspirin. Back in the day, when Aspirin was made of tree bark, people chewed on it in order to get the effects. Now Aspirin is made of tar coal and is processed into a pill we ingest in order to lift our heads from a flu fog or sweat out a fever. (Or at least that’s what I heard…)

Growing up on aspirin and other manufactured remedies, leads me to this inclination that the natural route is less effective than medication that has been scientifically tested.

But, in the midst of the elusive cold and flu, one cannot hope to be cured anyway. 

I Want My Mother(Earth)

So we must turn to relief instead, and in this  way, we may find the cure within ourselves.

We already know that the better we eat, drink, and take care of our sensitive bodies, the better we can fight the enemy when it invades. 

Health Tip: Get your fruit clean by soaking in water for 10+ minutes

Health Tip: Get your fruit clean by soaking in water for 10+ minutes

Our bodies yearn for balance. 

Essential oils can help our bodies find that balance.

Essential oils are as their name implies, the very essence of the plant from which it is extracted. Some oils contain 500 or more compounds, making them impossible to artificially recreate. 

Now, a lot is not officially  known about natural essential oils, but experience with them brings a myriad of relief unique to the receiver. Besides physical effects, mental effects are apparent.

The following is what I have found to be true in my experience, but I do not claim any guarantees of course

Cold & Flu Mixers

Bergamot (orange) oil for example, can bring feelings of spontaneous and immense joy; great for pre and post flu weepiness.  

Rosemary can lessen a pounding headache and ease digestion.

Peppermint can balance a nauseous bellyache, or rubbed on the feet to cool a fever and warm the chills.

Clary Sage can help you remember your dreams, useful when you have interesting fever-induced dreams.

Eucalyptus can help you breathe.  

Speaking of fevers and coughing, Lavender is the cure-all for assisting with these special annoyances.

Extra: Helpful for Flu Relief


A Word of Encouragement

Even when you cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel, be assured there is one. You will get through this…dead or alive.


Stairway to Nothingness

What should you think about when you are taking a walk?

Same thing as what you should think about when you are drawing a picture, cooking a meal, watching a film, reading a book, meditating a thought, solving a puzzle, eating an apricot, climbing a tree…

Nothing. Nothingness. Blankness, obsolescent, solitariness,

stairway to nothingness…

In yoga, some say the final resting pose is the hardest pose to achieve-the one where your whole body relaxes into the earth. Your face feels supple and you can feel the earth turn.


What part of the walk is hardest to achieve?

Your brain will recognize: Tree, leaves, path, fence, car dirt, building, person, grass….

But even these thoughts will be clouded with other thoughts that are personal but really guys, universal. That means everyone: These range from thinking my shoes are too tight to will I wear shoes after I die?

Don’t become disappointed with yourself for not ‘enjoying the walk’ or getting maximum benefit from it. Somehow, and this is not a secret, your words will leave your brain and you will just do.

Undoubtedly, you will come to and think I’m doing it!  And this will disrupt the process. But that’s okay. It happens, let it go.

Remember that the process is one that you can only open the door to. The infinite external stimuli will do the rest.

So the hardest part of the walk to achieve…

It’s the moment when you can feel the earth turn.

(Photographs courtesy of Miss Blondie 2012)


My eyes are like sandpaper.

My head is a wilted balloon at the site of your town’s fireworks on the fifth of July, waiting to be deflated and thrown into the trash heap.

My stomach just is.

My limbs are as limp as a stuffed monkey with Velcro paws.

And my brain is still snoozing in bed.

With all the excitement of going to the late showing of Expendables 2 yesterday, I was looking forward to writing a post titled something happy like Date Night. . .

I was going to tell you to avoid the D-Box, but to observe its emergence onto the scene as an interesting cultural phenomenon.

I was going to tell you to opt for kettle corn instead of regular popcorn.

I was going to tell you that the magic is still alive at the theater.

But today I awoke in another dimension all together.  I have a hangover from gobbling down a whole bucket of sugary popcorn, seeing Arnold again, and sleeping in a bedroom I haven’t vacuumed in one week. Who needs alcohol when you can feel like this from a whole plethora of unhealthy activities?

Man, either I’m getting old, or watching bullets fly simply put me into a restless yet too sound of sleep.

Date night? Save yourself.

To Live or Let Die

There’s a little game my sisters and I like to play on the road. It goes a little something like this: Who’s living the dream and who’s not? We make a snap judgment simply based on observation. Here are some examples:


















LIVING THE DREAM:So that’s about it kids.  Sure, people try to sell you your dream,and you might think yeah that’s what’s in my soul, but it’s not. Only you can find it. And yeah most of us gotta work like dogs just to stay afloat. But the dream inside of you, the one that cannot be bought, sold, or bartered, can only die if you let it.

Remember that wherever you go, someone out there might be playing, Who Is Still Living the Dream?

Which one will you be?