Two Cents

One. Do you have a favorite sweatshirt that’s as old as dirt so its really soft? Wrap over a breastfeeding pillow to create great cuddle arms for your nightweaning toddler.

Two. Outgrown the infant bath? Make it a sand and/or water pit. This was fun for a gamut of ages at our house, and is infinitely flexible. This could work as a snow bath too in those cold places.

Top 3 Eric Carle Books for Ages 0-2+ and Why

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is by far the most popular and deservedly so.

  • Visually stunning and textually captivating
  • A magnificent finale
  • So very naturally in sync with earthly vibrations
  • And all that curiously merging  collage art…

Now, that seems  like every book of his I ever read.

Each one is a tiny, but explosive delight to the eyeballs and brain.

A visit to the library often reveals an unknown Eric Carl book, and I realize I have only just begun to unravel the beauty of his stories…P_20171212_180639.jpg

..and I have been reading since my Mama was both my eyes and ears.

I was just where my toddler was only recently-though now he is a little head and eyes and ears all his own.

What makes it so intriguing?  I wonder, as said toddler collapses in sheer joy.

Let’s take a look at his three favorite books until now for some enlightening entertainment:

1. The Very Busy Spider

“No, no, no, no sun/cat/chicken, I’m spinning my web.” Toddler says in a singsong voice as he turns the many pages of animals trying in vain to deter a dead set spider from the task at hand.

He does love saying “no”, probably as most of us  do, .but I think its more about that…

  • Utter engagement with a heady and important task

2. From Head to Toe


We read this book for the first time right when Toddler could touch his toes, wave his arms, etc. This is right after he had grasped the whole Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes thing.

“I can do it!”

Clearly, this book is a delight in…


3. Brown Bear Brown Bear (Co-authored with Bill Martin, Jr.)


Preschool Story time – Everyone in Everyday Ecstasy

No doubt the appeal of Oso Café (Brown Bear) is the constant page turning…

  • Element of splendid revelation

Who is looking at me? Why its a Blue Horse!!!! But of course.

Above all, children yearn like us all (deep down) to be one with the earth. I have never seen a toddler prefer a book over a pine cone, or rock, or feather.

But Carle’s books are special because they give us a…


Thank you Eric Carle and children’s authors everywhere.

For the many chances to celebrate…

  • Hard work
  • Our similarities as living beings
  • Our own gifts and those that others bring to our lives
  • Innocence and simplicity
  • Growth


  • A kaleidoscopic ensemble of earth’s greatest treasures


The bottoms of our hearts


(Video: Bill Martin, Jr)

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