Two Cents

One. Do you have a favorite sweatshirt that’s as old as dirt so its really soft? Wrap over a breastfeeding pillow to create great cuddle arms for your nightweaning toddler.

Two. Outgrown the infant bath? Make it a sand and/or water pit. This was fun for a gamut of ages at our house, and is infinitely flexible. This could work as a snow bath too in those cold places.


Babe’s 1st Home Classroom

Puzzle Extravaganza


Tummy whiskers tongue and paws

Counting in Arabic

First craft with glue stick

Little 🌎 toys

Lincoln Logs


Yes, Chef

Space Car

Mandarin and Russian (top shelf)

📚Reading, French, and Spanish (lower shelf)



Arabic Friday

Felt and Furries

Russian Thursday