Alien Corpse Found in Home Installation

It was the abused children and Anne Frank during my elementary years. High school was for racism and undergrad was for classism.

Grad school was for the impoverished.

Late twenties was for death and mother earth.

Early thirties was for animal suffering.

This a timeline of my sorrows: The source of deep sunken tears when my thoughts turn dark and lonesome. Image

I have this place where my sorrows stir. Where if I wallow too long, I get stuck in the muck.

The only way out is…


…a moment in the presence of the amazing


…laughter at the absurd


…a dream reawakened by the hope that someday…one day…

…forgiveness in the arms of the Most Patient Above.

…the tiny spark of love

anxious to ignite

a simple glance to the light

to scatter my fright.


(Post written in 2014-February)


EYE SPY with my hairy eyeball


The picture above is a paint pallet used for my last project. However this pallet has been modified to allow for a little game for you to play!

Hidden on this paint pallet are 4 pairs of paint globs that have been repeated and placed back into the image.

Here is an example of a paint blob: (This particular cluster has not been repeated.)

paint cluster

Find the 4 pairs of paint globs that have been repeated and put back on the pallet, and you will have won the challenge.

Happy paint glob hunting!

Answer key posted here.

Zoo Mobile

Nothing beats a handmade gift. Check out this mobile my sister and I put together for a new baby. The baby’s parents love the zoo, and even tried to get engaged on a trip to the free zoo in Madison, WI. It didn’t work out how they planned, but they are happily married and still connoisseurs of the zoo.  If you are ever in Madison, WI, don’t forget to check out the Henry Vilas Zoo. Best in winter when no one is around, and you can’t beat the price!

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