About Me

I am a wife, quite new to the title and loving it. Traveled with my new husband from Wisconsin through the great plains, the bread basket, and Yuma to a most beautiful land, California.

Winters in Wisconsin seem to require of an inhabitant a hibernation period. My body after 30 years in the icy Midwest  was preparing for just that this January when the 75F sun, breezy ocean  and mountain air  tore into my bones and awoke my entire being.

I am a new woman in California, confident of my abilities to at last, live the dream.  My Route 66 honeymoon has ended, though the journey has just begun.  I invite you to join me as I embark on my new life.


24 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thank you mom, you always give me that tenderness that keeps me trying new things. I was thinking today about the girl scout days, when you were a leader and the other leaders wanted to create an elite group of scouts, essentially eliminating the outcasts, poor kids, smelly kids, etc, and you stood your ground. You said those are the kids who need this the most, and yes we didn’t get as many patches as the other troops, but I’d say you taught me lessons hard forgotten. The scouts are out in full force selling cookies these days, and I think about the mean girl’s mentality so prominent in our young girls today and I hope there are leaders like you keepin it real.

  1. Salam sis!
    Thanks for visiting IslamicSolace, inshallah you found it beneficial.
    Congratulation (a little late 😉 on your marriage. Inshallah it is a source and comfort and happiness for you in the dunya and aakhirah.
    I enjoyed looking through your blog-especially the okra (its my favourite dish!), inshallah one day when Im feeling courageous I’ll try making it to impress my mum who makes to perfection! 😉
    Love and salaam to you

  2. Miss Corrigan, I see now, you and I share similar perspectives. What a wonderful feeling it is to feel like there are others in the world that may understand you, especially when common ground becomes so evasive in your physical environment. I am from the Midwest as well.
    I’ve been considering a move to California, hoping that it would refresh my soul and spirits. I’ve been dreaming about the ocean most of my thirty years here in Missouri, and after reading your words, I’m even more determined to make it out there to California.

    • Ms. Strange, I also dream of the ocean, but my heart will always be rooted in the Midwest. I am delighted to read your message; the words of a fellow dreamer. Thank you for your encouragement and the best to you on your journey.

  3. Congratulations on your marriage and moving to Cali! I lived in Huntington Beach for about a year and being by the ocean was amazing. I’m so glad that you will get experience all that California has to offer!

    Your blog is awesome! Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you Ms. Wray for the encouragement. I still have lots to explore, soon I will take a kayak trip with my sister who is visiting in a few days from WI, and I can’t wait to get into the blue abyss, known as the Pacific ocean. I still can’t get used to waking up in February to a warm sun and no snow…I hope I always remain thankful for that.

  4. I first landed in Los Angeles on 1st December, after the greyest, darkest, dankest November in England. How fantastic it felt to emerge from LAX into warm sun and that bluuuue sky, and sit in the garden the next morning under the orange tree dripping with fruit. Fond memories of California – glad you’re loving it.

    • To me it always seemed like a little bit of heaven to have an orange tree in your back yard. The smell of the blossoms transports you. I’ve never lived in California, but while visiting once I was fortunate to have that experience, and I’ve never forgotten it.

    • Sometimes you can find a little bit of sunshine in all sorts of places, that’s how I felt about you blog. Thanks for visiting mine, I hope you found something to make you smile.

  5. Hi Miss Corrigan, This is Amrita from the painting class. Many congratulations on your wedding. I’m excited to read your blog and try your recipes. You could visit my blog at “www.preethamskitchen.com”. Happy blogging!

    • Thank you so kindly Joanne. I am still sad and almost can’t bear to come back to the blog to see him in full color. But he still melts my heart. Hope you are well.

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