Miss Corrigan’s Year in Review

Its my birthday today.  My dad asked,  “Do you feel old? ” No, I responded with a sincere smile. This year I turned 32.


Last summer my sister got married in a garden under clouds bursting at the seams with a heavy rainstorm. The drops only began to fall right after the vows were said. It was as if the sky was holding its breath.


In the middle of winter, another wedding-the brother in law happily finds his wife. This sparks a first for me; a wonderful rip from the drain of the 9 to 5 life to arrive on the other side of the world, Arabia, no less. MashAllah, Alhumdulilah.


All of this on a smooth ticking thyroid thanks to last spring’s diagnosis and corresponding daily dose of Levothyroxine. Thank you science.

In fall, our sweet Buddy died. 


Life is short and fleeting and love transcends time and space. Happy birthday to one who is young like a dandelion right before it turns to bones and  is sent through space on a wish.

Bye Buddy Whiskers. We miss you.


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