Strings & Things

I am after the impossible dream.

Presently, I want two things that are rare these days. The first is a good job-one that can give me fulfillment and bring home the turkey bacon. The second, is a home for the cat who followed me on an evening walk last Saturday. I would love to keep her, but there are already two and three puts me in crazy cat lady territory.

So today I write to you as an unemployed crazy cat lady.

It is what it is.

If my happiness were based on fulfilling wants, I would never catch the train.
But if I didn’t keep on riding, I would certainly lose my brain.

Beach Rider

Despair isn’t far behind, and hope is just ahead.
My legs are kind of aching and oh my swollen head.
I wonder how tomorrow we will get our fill of bread.
My new friend is sweet but she’s really not mine.
Freedom whispers her name through the golden-green pines.


I can give love but I can’t create wings.
Though, I might be able to distract you with some strings & things.
Homeless CatWell cat, we’ll get there one day.
And we’ll say we did it our way.

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