And Then The Rain Came

This thing they call happiness, it suits me just fine…Volcano?

Lately, I find myself singing. Making up verse as I putter through the day. A song may start something like this:

(To the Tune of On Top of Old Smokey)

Oh beautiful oven mitt, all scorched and holey. 

Full of old red sauce and ravi-o-l-i.

(After lost in the trance of the task at hand, I then transition into something like the following:)

(To the tune of Everybody Dance Now)

Everybody groove now, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh…C’mon let’s move, let’s da-a-ance! Move...(Immediate transition to the tune of Respect by Aretha Franklin):What you are! Baby I got it. What you need, you know I want it! All I’m asking is for a little Respect when you come home! Just a little bit…Respect. just a little bit wheeohwheeohwheeeeee…

Here I will quit boring with you the gritty details. There’s a message in this madness, allow me to dig it up…It’s here somewhere…Ah yes, here we are:wheel of fortune

Well, Dear Readers of Miss Corrigan,

A warm breeze by the name of happiness has invited himself over and seems to be making himself comfortable indeed.  How can I explain this? This, feeling of joy at the sound of the constant rain pouring into the scorched earth. At the sight of the neon green sprouts and electric orange buds sprouting from the Aloe Vera drinking the rain with all of it’s might.

It is not a smile that this joy brings, albeit its presence is prevalent to say the least,  no this joy, for lack of a better word, is something that covers one like the most wonderful blanket in the world. It is waterproof, but not rain proof, it allows one to feel the soft breeze and inhale the fresh sky filled with fresh life.

As the wheel of fortune turns, we experience life at times without the blanket. Sometimes without a roof, a bed, or our favorite toy. We experience life’s events hungry, cold, and lonely. Sometimes we lose everything.

But the wheel spins, folks. The wheel spins.

Yours truly,

Miss Corrigan

For a look at how the wheel spins, read an article written almost exactly a year earlier

3 thoughts on “And Then The Rain Came

    • I too was shocked to hear the mountain all covered with smoke and not cheese!!!!
      Jammin’ this article as it reminds me that when I am down the tides will quickly change.

      • Yes, but my experience with the tide change has been slow. That’s why I know this joy I speak of is lasting, even when the wheel turns, I will have the memory of this light that at times shines so bright.

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