Open Your Brain Pathways

Anyone can draw. I don’t know about playing an instrument, speaking in multiple languages, acting, doctoring, free speaking, dancing, driving, cooking, stock brokering, card dealing ..but I do know that anyone can draw.

You may not have any desire to draw. But learning to draw doesn’t care if you want to or not.

It only wants you to open up the Right Brain, and give that incessant Left Brain a rest.

It wants you to open your Artist Brain.

So even if you don’t think you care about drawing, you might benefit from the awakening of your artist brain.  Amazement, ultimate gratitude, and inspired creativity will surely follow.

How to Exercise Your Right Brain

With a Drawing Exercise

Materials Needed

Pen or pencil

Piece of paper


Your hand or something equivalent



Before you start, a little something to go in with:

Understand first, that drawing is a skill, and it does get better with practice, and it does get augmented by natural talent that we all have.

But before you can even start practicing or exploring your natural talent. You have to really see.

You will know that you are seeing when you look at a simple object that you might normally glance at, but instead could look at forever and ever.

You can look at it forever, because you go from hardly glancing at an object to seeing the shapes, lines and curves, space and negative space, textures, color, shadows, light, and composition components.

If it sounds boring, it’s because your Left Brain is still talking-words like lines and space aren’t for the Right Brain to tell you about in your native language.

No, no. The Right Brain speaks for itself and only in a language your Left Brain refuses to let you in on.



Your goal is to SEE your hand and draw it WITHOUT LOOKING at it. You will take ten minutes to do this task. Use a timer to tell you when you are done.

Draw that hand(in any position you can hold for ten minutes), and do not peek with your eyes at what you are drawing.

Instead follow the lines of your hand with your eyes and mentally connect to the hand that is drawing.

Step 3


After ten minutes is up, put down your drawing utensil and observe your drawing. Think about where your mind went during that ten minutes. Observe the interaction of your Right and Left Brain; ask yourself when and to what degree did the Right Brain take over? Was there a moment when my hand drawing hand was following exactly what I was seeing? Does the drawing look to be following the hand that is being drawn? What went wrong? Where was my mind when the pen went astray?

Artist: Cowboy

Artist: Cowboy

Attempt 2 By Cowboy

Attempt 2 By Cowboy

Goal of Exercise

Stop thinking and talking.

Listen and let the world do the thinking for you.

(Now, doesn’t that sound fun?)

6 thoughts on “Open Your Brain Pathways

    • I’m happy this post helped somebody out there! I really do believe that anyone can draw-it really is another language that is so fun to learn. And once you see with your artist brain, you become even more grateful for the beauty in the world. Happy drawing to you!

      • Thanks I am looking forward to learning to see with my ‘artist’s eyes”. I love landscapes and seascapes and would love to be able to draw them. Practice, practice, practice but it’s all good fun. 🙂

      • I would love to do landscapes too! But my attempts have failed miserably. One time I went to the beach at sunset with my friend and we did pastels of the horizon. It turned out to look pretty simple, but the idea of bringing pastels to the beach was a good one. Ah the artist eye, what a gift!

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