Cold & Flu Relief

Shout-out to flu sufferers this season. If you were one of them, then you might agree with the theory that it must have been a manufactured virus that escaped from a lab somewhere on the East coast and made its way all the way West, leaving a wake of supreme suffering.

It was terrible, but in some ways it was wonderful. For anyone who thought they were going to die and then lived to see another day, you know what I’m talking about…

That Elusive Cure

The go-to, relieve-all for flu sufferers is still Aspirin. Back in the day, when Aspirin was made of tree bark, people chewed on it in order to get the effects. Now Aspirin is made of tar coal and is processed into a pill we ingest in order to lift our heads from a flu fog or sweat out a fever. (Or at least that’s what I heard…)

Growing up on aspirin and other manufactured remedies, leads me to this inclination that the natural route is less effective than medication that has been scientifically tested.

But, in the midst of the elusive cold and flu, one cannot hope to be cured anyway. 

I Want My Mother(Earth)

So we must turn to relief instead, and in this  way, we may find the cure within ourselves.

We already know that the better we eat, drink, and take care of our sensitive bodies, the better we can fight the enemy when it invades. 

Health Tip: Get your fruit clean by soaking in water for 10+ minutes

Health Tip: Get your fruit clean by soaking in water for 10+ minutes

Our bodies yearn for balance. 

Essential oils can help our bodies find that balance.

Essential oils are as their name implies, the very essence of the plant from which it is extracted. Some oils contain 500 or more compounds, making them impossible to artificially recreate. 

Now, a lot is not officially  known about natural essential oils, but experience with them brings a myriad of relief unique to the receiver. Besides physical effects, mental effects are apparent.

The following is what I have found to be true in my experience, but I do not claim any guarantees of course

Cold & Flu Mixers

Bergamot (orange) oil for example, can bring feelings of spontaneous and immense joy; great for pre and post flu weepiness.  

Rosemary can lessen a pounding headache and ease digestion.

Peppermint can balance a nauseous bellyache, or rubbed on the feet to cool a fever and warm the chills.

Clary Sage can help you remember your dreams, useful when you have interesting fever-induced dreams.

Eucalyptus can help you breathe.  

Speaking of fevers and coughing, Lavender is the cure-all for assisting with these special annoyances.

Extra: Helpful for Flu Relief


A Word of Encouragement

Even when you cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel, be assured there is one. You will get through this…dead or alive.


3 thoughts on “Cold & Flu Relief

  1. 2 colds + food poisoning = spread out flu
    That’s what I had this season so I know what you are talking about. Made me appreciate the little things and created unusual and unlikely debates with myself that I would have never gotten the opportunity to ponder… like Judge Judy vs. Judge Mathis….

    Keep it up kiddo!

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