Send Me an Angel

One year later, and I am still married. I wonder if it’s true what the say about the first year being the hardest. I don’t have enough experience to say.  If it’s anything like learning a new skill for instance, then the hard part about the beginning is not knowing which way is up or which is down.

Don't crouch down; the lion has seen you long before you saw it.

Don’t crouch down; the lion has seen you long before you saw it.

One year later makes marriage settle into the background and get comfortable.

It's comfortable in this here tree.

It’s comfortable in this here tree.

Although. Sometimes…sometimes… Ok, say you learn to play the accordion and later learn that you taught yourself upside down and backwards.  This is sometimes what it feels like.





But that would be if we were doing it alone, and we are mostly certainly not.



Yep, we are part of something a lot bigger than what we can possibly imagine.

MeoW! Meow meow meow! Meow, meow?!...meow.

MeoW! Meow meow meow! Meow, meow?!

So, the hard part? Nah. It ain’t no thing.

Yeah right.

Yeah right.

How To Rescue a Cat From a Tree

Materials Needed

Ladder or adrenaline

A rope with something somewhat heavy attached to one end (Or a long, thick extension cord)

Laundry basket


1. Construct pulley system using rope and laundry basket.

2. Climb as high as you can using your ladder if possible.

3. Throw the heavy end of the rope over a branch near the cat. (Do not hit the cat.)

4. Pulley the basket near the cat so he can jump in. Be patient. He will jump in.

5. Lower the rope to the ground.

6. Climb down and carry the limp little carrot home.



5 thoughts on “Send Me an Angel

  1. dude..this was awesome! great analogy..Big man is so lucky he gets to call you HIS wife!! I miss you my friend and love you SOOOOO much..keep writing homie you have a gift

    • Okay geez come on. A best friend can’t be posting all this mushy gushy stuff. You and Cowboy are competing for #1 Fan for Miss Corrigan. HaHa! But thanks man, I love you too.

      • I will never give up the title of number 1.. NUMBER 1…
        I think me cats are friends with the opossum that eats my compost scraps!

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