Stairway to Nothingness

What should you think about when you are taking a walk?

Same thing as what you should think about when you are drawing a picture, cooking a meal, watching a film, reading a book, meditating a thought, solving a puzzle, eating an apricot, climbing a tree…

Nothing. Nothingness. Blankness, obsolescent, solitariness,

stairway to nothingness…

In yoga, some say the final resting pose is the hardest pose to achieve-the one where your whole body relaxes into the earth. Your face feels supple and you can feel the earth turn.


What part of the walk is hardest to achieve?

Your brain will recognize: Tree, leaves, path, fence, car dirt, building, person, grass….

But even these thoughts will be clouded with other thoughts that are personal but really guys, universal. That means everyone: These range from thinking my shoes are too tight to will I wear shoes after I die?

Don’t become disappointed with yourself for not ‘enjoying the walk’ or getting maximum benefit from it. Somehow, and this is not a secret, your words will leave your brain and you will just do.

Undoubtedly, you will come to and think I’m doing it!  And this will disrupt the process. But that’s okay. It happens, let it go.

Remember that the process is one that you can only open the door to. The infinite external stimuli will do the rest.

So the hardest part of the walk to achieve…

It’s the moment when you can feel the earth turn.

(Photographs courtesy of Miss Blondie 2012)

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