How to Make an Herb Drying Rack

The Ringleader, author of Sly Press

After spending yet another morning organizing my priorities— ensuring my future also lives the dream— I spent the afternoon outside, wrestling tomato and watermelon vines in my new garden. During this time tending to my plot, I not only learned a valuable lesson, which is to trim your plants on a regular basis and never, ever neglect your garden, but I also became inspired to create something useful for harvesting my crop.

Since my herbs are the most forgotten and least harvested, I decided this was a good place to start.

Herbs are most flavorful when fresh however when harvesting you will get bunches at a time that may need to be dried. Therefore a herb drying rack is the perfect tool for evenly drying you harvest.

Crafting your own herb drying rack is a simple and easy project.

The materials you need:

Hot Glue Gun and glue
Clothes pins
Scrap piece of wood (this will be your base and it may need to be painted, I happened to find a piece  already painted white– also find a size that fits for you I chose a skinnier size because I liked the way it looked)

Wood Strip, Hot Glue, Clothes pin

To begin, line up the clothes pins on the strip of wood in order to perfect the placing. I suggest keeping the clothes pins close together with equal spacing between. The more pins you have the more you can harvest.

Line up the clothes pins

Hot glue the clothes pins onto the strip of wood.

Hot glue and clothes pins

Should look like this!

I decided to place the last two clothes pins horizontally to add variety.

Horizontal Clips

Next, gather your herbs and sort them into bunches.

Gathering herbs

Wash herbs.

Use pan to scrub and dub em’

After your herbs are clean as a whistle bundle them up with string. These bundles will be hung on your newly created herb rack.

Purple sage Bundle

Gather all your bundles.

Lemon verbatim, parsley, purple sage, and pineapple sage

The last step is to find a place to hang your drying rack and screw it into the wall. I used three screws to ensure it sticks to the wall and a level to make it straight. Take your bunches of herbs and clip them onto your new herb rack. In a few weeks your herbs should be ready to use. If you feel like you have too many dried herbs, come up with fun ways to use them like putting together herbs packages for your friends and family. Otherwise store your herbs and use them as you cook!

Admire your new craft project

After you have finished, sit back and enjoy the afternoon with a hermit’s two best friends.


6 thoughts on “How to Make an Herb Drying Rack

  1. 4. Herb bunches. The traditional way to preserve herbs entails gathering small bunches of 10 to 15 stems and hanging them in a warm, airy place to dry. Wrap stems tightly with a rubber band or tie them with twine. Hang the bunches on a drying rack, on the rung of a hanger, or from a nail. Drying can take up to three weeks, depending on the plant and its moisture content. Strip crisp-dry leaves off stems before storing them. Dry seed heads by placing a paper bag over them and tying it shut around the stems. Place only one type of herb in each bag and label it. The seeds will drop into the bag as they dry. Let seeds dry for several weeks before storing them properly.

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