Live the Dream 101

Well it’s that time of year once more, and after a good, long break from sticking my nose in books and spending late nights typing papers, I’m back in the saddle again. Except this time the books aren’t required, and I won’t be spending a single night hovering over a flickering computer. (Unless I want to!)

Nope, this is class is going to teach me to draw. Two nights a week, it will just be me and the canvas. No dinners to cook, no windows to wash, no tv to zone out to, no green eggs and no green ham. Just the charcoal, a canvas, and my unsteady, novice hand.

It’s crazy what a little ol’ class can do, when the stakes are low, and the breeze is cooling as we glide into September…

Makes a girl want to turn her life around a bit; you know, live a little more aware of the life in front of her.

After all she shouldn’t write a blog about living the dream, if she’s not living the dream, you know what I mean?

And drawing for the sake of drawing, is living the dream.

So is doing something out of your comfort zone, something that wakes you from the monotony of everyday life.

But at the same time, it puts you back in touch with the dream world, or in other words, it brings your right brain in a dance with your left.

And your body responds with joy, since it is drinking from the cup of knowledge. A few days after my second class I actually broke out into dance that continued for 45 minutes. (I had the house to myself on a rare evening.)

Are you living the dream? You don’t want to turn into the subject of drawing class 101 do you?


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