Match in the gas tank, *boom* *boom*!

Something about the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape really gets me.  The story in and of itself is great, and if you haven’t seen it I won’t ruin it, but if you like slow-moving yet MOVING movies, check it out on Netflix soon.

After watching the movie over a long dinner the other night, I couldn’t get enough so I looked up trivia and factoids.

What did Momma call Arnie? I asked my sister, with barely enough time to let the credits roll…

I don’t know…Birthday boy? Where’s my birthday boy-SUNSHINE, momma’s little sunshine!!!!

We both got great joy of seeing young Leonardo DiC not yet stamped by royal stardom. I wondered how he played Arnie so well, the twirling of his hair, the way his finger ran across his nose…perfect rendition.  So I looked him up during this time, and I found that Arnie isn’t too far from the real Leo. Either that or he was so into being Arnie, that again in front of the cameras, Momma’s Little Sunshine was back…

I wondered then about momma herself, but immediately following our viewing I couldn’t find too much about her…that is until a few days ago when she popped back into the spotlight after almost 20 years!  See the article.

But by this time, my spirited praise for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape had seriously diminished. Sure I enjoyed the movie, but then what?

I had to find a new hobby and fast, so I signed up for a drawing class at the community college. I start in a week! Time to brush off the ol’ blank canvas and drawing pencils.

I wonder what I will learn to draw…


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