There’s a ‘Steak’ in my Boot!

Late morning as I got ready to head for work, my husband, who is suffering from a cold, called from the bottom of the stairs:

“Come look, there’s a steak in the garage!”

A steak? What in the world is he talking about?

I bustled down to the site of the ‘steak’ and lo and behold, wrapped around the sink, slinked a slithery snake.

Now don’t let the picture fool you, this guy was big, almost three feet long and about as wide as a child’s wrist. You can tell by the blurry photo, I was in no shape to take a picture!

“Get the olive jar you cleaned out the other day, and poke some holes on the top.”

My husband grabbed it from the tail as it curled into a S and gracefully dropped into the jar.

Later, we dropped him off on the mountain near our house, where he could start a new life far from our abode. I wish he would stick around and form a mutual relationship with our family, but we don’t speak snake. Too bad Rosetta Stone doesn’t have that language…hmmm that’s an idea, language programs to learn cat, dog, chimp, etc. Shark Tank here I come!

Yes, our snake was really cute, but Indiana Jones and others suffering from snake fright might suggest that its time to move!

I say it’ll take more to make me afraid, eight more to be exact…

You never know what will find refuge in the place you hang your hat, but don’t freak and always practice humane animal control techniques…

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