A Philosopher’s Hideaway (Wisconsin Part 3)

Deep in the woods of Wisconsin, somewhere between the birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder and that of Caddie Woodlawn, sits a house in the trees.

To reach the first level, one must pull down a particularly heavy ladder and climb past a nesting mouse.

But first you will have to dodge the poison ivy that has surrounded the house, seemingly safeguarding it from unwelcome visitors.

Once you have arrived in your hideaway, set up camp before the sun goes down, and marvel at the sublime simplicity of your abode.

Carefully make your way to the very top level, the “crow’s nest”, where you are as high as the tops of the trees.  

Once you have made your treehouse into a tree-home, head for the lake and take a dip, or glide through the icy blue waters on a canoe.

Before long its time to head back to the treehouse and kick start the evening with a little dinner and dancing thanks to a handy and powerful little bluetooth speaker .

But there isn’t too much time to celebrate, soon darkness will fall and the coyote packs will howl. Gather around the dwindling coals for s’mores and horror stories from the grave!!  Gather your scary story inspiration from the photo you saw in the small town diner where you lunched before you embarked on your adventure.

You know the one I’m talking about, that diner that sits on a lonely road right outside the woods…

After you survived a night in some of the freshest air around, pack up and have lunch on the lawn of a small park, before heading home.

Your soul is quiet and calm after such a trip so enjoy the ride home back to your everyday life.

Take that tranquility with you wherever you go and never forget the night you spent in the canopy of the Wisconsin woods.

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