Plan a Funky Graduation Party!

Someone you know is probably graduating soon from something. After all its that time of year again. If you’re lucky its you or someone you love and a party is in order! Why settle for a boring old BBQ when it is easy to spice it up?

First you will need a funky theme, and I have got just the one for you:

Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up!?

Invite guests to dress up as whoever they want to be deep down inside. You will end up with guests dressed as artists, firefighters, seamstresses, spies, beach bums, cowboys, gardeners, and if you’re lucky one will come as a bobsledder for team USA.

Give guests the chance to participate and celebrate the dreams they have. And remind them that they are never too old to do what you want to do!

You will end up with an array of dreams mixing and mingling. Things can get quite imaginative, and you will have fun coming up with just what it is that you were born to be!

Give those dreamers something to do on a warm afternoon. Prepare a garden box, pots, or a spot in the yard, with rich soil and provide a bed of various plants. Set up the scene so guests can come and go as they please, adding new growth to the earth. This is a fun and symbolic activity that will remind your guests of the growth they still have ahead of them. The kids will love it! If you do pots, guests can take home their creation.

Another activity that will be sure to please, is a makeshift graduation ceremony complete with a keynote speaker and a speech from your new graduate. Most of your guests won’t make it to the real ceremony, so give them a down home taste. Make sure the graduate has a hat so he or she can throw it in the air to signal the end of the ceremonies.

Supply corsages for your special guests to wear for the party. Moms, grandparents, fathers, and anyone else noteworthy to the graduate’s life make for great choices.

Food can be anything simple and music for spontaneous dancing is a plus.

Keep it light and simple. Live the dream!

5 thoughts on “Plan a Funky Graduation Party!

  1. Wow – wish my parents had thrown parties like for me!! I really LOVE the idea of planting boxes and pots – what a great idea. Not just symbolic of new growth, but real sharing of new life and possibilities – if you make the plants herbs or veggie seedlings, the symbolism goes to another level.
    Thanks for much for liking my party survival post – hope the graduation party goes with a swing (sounds like it’ll be a blast).

    • Hi Arabella-love the new name! This grad party was one that my sister and I planned for our baby of the family last year when she got out of college.

      We were inspired by a birthday party my stepmom threw for my dad when he turned 40. (I wasn’t invited as it was an adult party.) Everyone had to dress up like they did when they were in school. My stepmom arranged for a school bus to pick them up and they went to a funworld type place among others. My stepmom was the school marm and very strict with the school children:) She died in 09 and all of the attendees still talk about how it was the best party that they had ever been to.

      My stepmom believed there was a kid in everybody and they needed a chance to get out and play. I’m sure there are lots of ways we do that, but it takes a special person to bring it out in others, as most keep their kid locked away. Adult responsibilites seem to make no room for the spirit to dance.

      • Your stepmom was right – like Matisse and, I think, Picasso – we’re all still kids inside somewhere, and getting out to play now and then, or just screaming with laughter for no good reason, is incredibly healthy. Fun, too! I and my flatmate once threw a 1940s party (in the early 80s), just because we were a bit obseessed with 1940s movies. It was a hoot – my favourite costumes were my boss and his wife who turned up as evacuee children from WW2, complete with suitcase, teddybear and label round the neck. That was quite a party.

      • That sounds right up my alley. I think I’m a bit obsessed with 1940’s movies too. I wonder what a party would look like if we threw one with a theme of 2010-2020 in 2012(now). Its hard to pull out the symbols of the times while the times are happening. Even 2000-2010 seems hard, what defines our times anyway?
        Makes me think of Woody Allen’s most recent flick, Midnight in Paris. I think Matisse and Picasso show up!

      • 1940s was a hoot. I came as an extra from Casablanca, my flatmate was one of Cary Grant’s reporters from His Girl Friday, and everyone put effort into their costume, even my spivvy landlord, who came as an even spivvier landlord…
        Take your point about the last decade – as I get older, the past seems ever closer. The 1980s don’t seem like history at all. I’m very smitten with the 1950s now – especially the designs – architecture, furniture, decor, fabrics, clothes – you name it. And the early 1960s, but before flower power and hippies hit the ground running (or lying down).
        I think ‘retro’ has to be at least 30 years ago, don’t you? Anything more recent, as you say, is hard to commoditise. Mind you the 1990s look ancient – mobile phones and internet in their infancy – amazing how comms tech has altered our lives so drastically.

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