Fat Farm or Fab Fresh?

For the first meal of the day, I had only two viable choices:

Smoothie or day-old donut balls…

and….The VERDICT?

Phewww. Made the right choice today….

Smoothie Recipe:

Frozen papaya (couple of small pieces)

Frozen pineapple (2 big chunks)

Frozen strawberries (handful)

Watermelon (a triangle hunk)

Pineapple pulp juice (couple of pours)

Apricot pulp juice (couple of pours)

The above picture shows the estimated ratios. This amount made 24+ ounces. If you don’t have the ingredients, remember smoothies are easy, you can pretty much put anything together. There is really only one cardinal rule-don’t mix your citrus fruit with milk, always use juice as the citrus tends to curdle the milk and give it a bad taste.

Also, spinach and kale are good ingredients to sneak in there because they are really don’t change the taste but give you all that green goodness. Another thing to keep in mind is that frozen fruit can be expensive, I find it best to buy fresh whatever is on sale and cut it up and store in the freezer.

Great for moments just like these when it would be so easy to reach for those donut balls!

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