Just another way to improve your life

Ever find yourself staring at the wall? Or maybe, you have some time between responsibilities, and you just don’t know what to do with yourself, so you turn on the tv or surf mindlessly on the internet… Don’t you wish you could do something productively? But at a time like this, who can think of something productive to do?

Here is an idea that might help you use your time productively, even if its only for a few minutes:

1.Make a list of simple, mindless activities that you know are good for you.

2. Cut out each activity and put them in a hat or box.

3. Keep it on hand and draw from it when you feel a little aimless. Or just draw on your way to your next activity, a few minutes doing something for yourself will do you a world of good.

Here is a list to copy and paste if you want to skip the first step:

10 push-ups

Stretch and be aware of your breath for five minutes

Drink a large glass of water

Eat a piece of fruit

Eat a raw vegetable

25 sit-ups

Plank pose for 3 minutes

Write a letter to someone

Organize a drawer

Memorize a phrase in another language

Vacuum your living room furniture

Clean your make-up brushes

Read a couple of pages in a textbook

Lay flat on the floor without moving for 10 minutes

Water a plant

Smile and remember something you find funny

Give yourself a foot massage for 5 minutes

Brush your hair and massage your scalp for 5 minutes

Brush and floss your teeth

Clean your purse or wallet out

Think of 5 things you can do well

Make plans to try a new recipe

Repair something



7 thoughts on “Just another way to improve your life

  1. Can I suggest a couple more?

    – watch birds for 10 minutes
    – play with a pet (yours, or someone else’s)
    – put on a favourite track and dance like a dervish
    – shut your eyes and really listen to the sounds around you
    – put scented moisturiser on your hands and rub it in with real attention to all your senses
    – go and sit on a step in the sun
    – spot someone going by and make up a story about where they’re going

    • These are absolutely wonderful. I will definitely add all of these suggestions. Its funny because I like to watch the birds in my backyard, but I always have this nagging feeling behind it thinking I should be doing something else, but if I pull it from a hat, maybe I will think well I have 10 minutes to do this, so don’t worry about doing something else.

      I also think I might get rid of some of the dull suggestions I have added-I have a tendency to want to think productively, like repair something or organize a drawer. At the same time having a couple duds in there makes it a little more exciting.

      • “I always have this nagging feeling behind it thinking I should be doing something else”
        Isn’t that the point of your lovely post? We NEED time to absorb life and sink into pleasure, if only for five minutes. Watching (really, intently, watching) other lives unfolding takes you out of yourself and stops you wallowing in whatever mood is eating you. We shouldn’t exist on work alone – it’s not healthy, and it’s no fun. We’re allowed five minutes of pleasure now and then!!!! ; ))

      • Yes, I suppose that was my intention with that idea. The productivity component I guess came from easing the mind by way of accomplishing something. Watching other lives unfolding is a beautiful description for me. It’s a good way to get out of my own head and spark my imagination.

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