A Walk on the Beach

When I first arrived in CA, I thought I would be at the beach every chance I got. However when I went I seemed to be looking for something-an image, an experience that I had pictured in my mind. I was somewhat disappointed to be honest, the drive was trafficky, the air was too cool, and the sand seemed dirty.

It seems though, that every time I do get out there, I am more and more mesmerized and enchanted by the powerful sea. My new thing is just going and dropping all images of what I think I am looking for. Now I am straight up addicted and can’t wait to go again-just to squish the soft sand between my toes where the water meets the beach, to feel the rush of the waves tuned to the lunar cycle, to notice the sparkling gold specks that are immersed in each tide…I wish you could be there too, but if you can’t this post might help you imagine that you are.

You very well could see any of these critters:


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