Bloomin’ Roses Right Under Our Noses

Never read a fiction book in public. You will get unwelcome comments from the peanut gallery. Usually a comment will sound something like this; “Golly, gee, I wish I had time to read…”  Always put a more serious cover over your reading material and a patch over your eye or something so they feel sorry for you instead of themselves…

BOY I miss giving advice! It’s been awhile my fellow readers. I have been quite wrapped up in other pursuits.  So wrapped up in fact I only just noticed roses in full bloom out in my very own backyard.  

How funny these bloomed at a time in our life that is blooming as well: We have opened up our little shop ’round the corner just yesterday. Yes, I am a real, live shopkeeper’s wife, 4 months after taking the plunge.

Life moves so fast, I just want to keep some moments, say remember it, don’t change, this is just how it should be. Especially this time in our newlywed life-everything seems so full of promise, as if the whole world is at our fingertips and anything is possible.

But each moment slips away barely perceptible and a new moment brings an older me. As the blanks get filled in, I release the uncertainty of not knowing and accept the life that was made for me, whether it be roses, thorns, or likely both.

We can’t hold on to time, but we’re not supposed to, and if we try too hard we kind of miss the whole point don’t you think?

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