An Ideal Women’s Gym

Do you have a dream that lies deep in your heart-one that you think  will never really come true? I have a couple of those. There is one in particular I have been thinking about for the past few days.

This dream of mine is to one day open up an all women’s gym/spa/clubhouse. I would love to own a place where women can go to unwind, but it would be affordable, something like 30-50 bucks a month. It would have a sauna, a steam room, and a pool that has moving water so clients could lap swim or do yoga in the water. It would have a couple of machines for lifting, some cardio equipment, and a boxing area for practicing martial arts. It would have an aerobics/yoga area that would sync lighting with music and climate. Perhaps you think this sounds a little like your gym. Except mine would be different from anything that I have ever seen.

It would have a beautiful area for getting ready-nice personal showers, mirrors that you sit at and put your makeup on, and chaises for lounging. There would be coffee, tea, water, and snacks available. I would employ students to give mini facials, mani/pedi, and massages. (All food/drink/services would be included in the gym membership). There would be a club area where different interests like cooking, reading, painting, etc, could convene. Interests would vary according to the clientage. I would employ students of various disciplines to give classes that would rotate as talent became available.

Essentially, it would be a place where women could go to get ready for their day or unwind from a long one. There would be no before or after pictures, personal trainers, or scales. Spas are for the most part out of my price range. Gyms serve their purpose-a playground for adults. But I wish for something more, somewhere I could go to take care of myself and relax alongside other women doing the same.

Can such a place exist? Will I ever have the funds to make it happen? Even if I did ever get the funds, do I have the guts to go through with it? With every blessing comes great responsiblity. Am I brave enough to see something like that through? Will I forget about this dream like I forgot about the others?

After visiting the sauna this evening at my gym, my husband said don’t me mad when I tell you…I braced myself…your face looks so much better after you got out of the sauna-you look relaxed, much happier…why would I be mad? I ask…I don’t know, you might think I was saying you looked ugly before or something like that…

I might have in my way of picking a fight, but that melted my heart, he noticed how the worries etch my face as the days go on. And, here I thought I was all alone in my sorrows.

Aside from that, all it took was 20 minutes in a sauna, laughing and chatting with two strangers to smooth the worries on my face. It’s this moment I will keep tucked in close to my dream. I will remember how we need other ladies to share their stories and hear ours, all in a relaxed atmosphere so we can let down our guards. I will remember how my husband saw a marked change in my face after sweatin’ it out in the hot box and doing my thing at the gym. Maybe that will keep the dream alive…

What’s your dream? Everybody’s got a dream.


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