How to Dream Fly

Robert Parkeharrison

This afternoon while napping after a traumatic visit to the dentist, I dreamed of flying. I was partially awake, you might say I was lucid dreaming.

Once before I dreamed that I was flying off a parking structure but my right arm was having trouble flapping. I awoke to find myself sleeping on top of my arm, and I pulled it free, scowling that I had ruined my flight.

This time I was showing someone how to fly. I showed them that you simply drop into the air and swim. You don’t have to drop off anything, so you don’t have to find a ledge and jump, you just simply drop into the air. Let the air float you into a swimmer’s position and glide. Now you can go as high as you wish. As I began to wake, I slipped back into the dream. This time I started flapping my arms as if it were very difficult to fly and I found that it was no use. I woke up.

Napping is a great time for lucid dreaming, but you can do it anytime of course. Next time you find yourself dreaming and semi-awake, do yourself a favor and drop into the air…

Robert & Shauna ParkeHarrison

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