How the Rich Get Tricked (10 Ways to Avoid the Trap)

The rich are the prime target for commercialism.  You are scouted out and hunted down, and if you are not careful, you can be drained to the last drop. In today’s market the success of products and experiences are not based on quality. They just need cunning people pulling the strings. To money makers, money spenders are the puppets in a comic tragedy.

Don’t be a puppet.  Take control of your own strings, and make your own happiness. To this end I have provided 10 ways in which the rich get tricked, to help you navigate the world around you and live your true life, rather than one that is packaged and maintained by somebody else.

  1. Restaurants priced as $$$$ often have savory, prime cuts paired with delicate desserts.  However sometimes the restaurants that don’t get the acclaim online serve much better food at needless to say a fraction of the cost. Think 5 giant, savory won-tons bought for a buck down the street in Chinatown, NY. Or a belgian waffle at Perkins. Surely you will run into a lot of duds, but its the adventures that make a life interesting. Seek out the hidden diners and discover the best kept secrets in your neighborhood.
  2. Vacations, There’s nothing like walking the halls of Caesar’s Palace like Julius himself. Or padding down the hallway of a luxury cruise liner. However sometimes the best vacations, ones that you don’t have to take a vacation from, are the ones where you spend quality time with your family. Period.Think a tent on the Mississippi River, watching the sun set over the bluffs.
  3. We know that money can’t buy us love, but when we are rich, sometimes we think it can.                                                                                                                               
  4. We get in the habit of looking up, and forget to look down. The sky’s as beautiful as the ground, keep lookin’ around.
  5. Birthday parties for children are big business these days.  In order to have fun, parents rent moon castles and take groups to the mall to speciality glitter stores or make your own stuffed animals.  Sometimes, parties get so big, the innocence of simple childhood delights are lost. Teach your children that it doesn’t take extravagance to have a good time.
  6. The art of keeping it simple can be thrown by the wayside as we get lost in stuff that we buy to make us happy.  No matter how fresh the Ferrari is in your driveway, its luster will fade every day, and it won’t take long before it will become just part of the scenery
  7. There are innumerable treasures to be found at rummage sales and thrift shops.  You can find a pair of never before used Italian leather shoes going for $400 for a measly $3. Thrift stores will give you a wider variety of styles to pick from, when an expensive boutique might offer limited, only modern pickings.
  8. We often think money is required to experience art. The symphony and priceless pieces of art for your home are all great luxuries.  However, art is everywhere and we cannot forget to experience it in all of its forms. Sometimes the best art is laying on the curbside waiting to be taken to the trash.
  9. Notice what you want is not what you need.  Patience is gained by not always giving into instant gratification and patience is something we all need to keep us sane.
  10. And FINALLY…always remember

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


5 thoughts on “How the Rich Get Tricked (10 Ways to Avoid the Trap)

  1. I have always smiled at absurd consumption. I’m not in position to be a participant as yet, but I firmly believe that if you can buy a $200 million dollar yacht without problem, you must. There are average wage earners who make $200 million dollar yachts and they rely on a very small pool of prospective buyers to support their employment. The rich need to spend. They tie up too much money if they are sensible.

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