Simple Dinner Recipe: Lamb & Okra

Lamb and Okra blah, not the ingredients I regularly think to make. Okra especially with its goo consistency keeps me away. However, the other night my husband’s father showed me how to make a superb dish sure to please the masses. It is easy to cook and best when sopped up with Arabic bread or flatbread.


3 lbs of Lamb with bone

6-7 Tomatoes (optional)

Tomato paste

Okra (We used two bags of frozen okra for this recipe)

Salt & pepper to taste


Cumin (pinch)

Lemon wedges


1. Cut the fat off the lamb and cube the meat. Boil in water until cooked all the way through

2. Meanwhile, fry the okra whole in oil until it is soft and brown

3. Add chopped tomatoes and tomato paste to your okra, cook for a few minutes

4. Strain the water and add the cooked lamb meat, cook together for 10 minutes or so

5. Spice with salt and pepper, Cumin is also a nice spice to throw in

6. Serve hot with cool lemon wedges, so your dinner guests can squeeze over the stew


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