Fool Proof Banana Bread in a Few Easy Steps

Don’t you hate it when you make all the necessary preparations for the perfect banana bread, and nothing seems to go right?  You wait and wait for that perfect ripeness of the bananas. You even hide those bananas so no one eats, as they are reserved for something way better. You go ahead and buy the more expensive chocolate, the nice butter, and opt for the more expensive nut-the pistachio, because you are going to make something special.  You seek out recipes on the internet from fellow bloggers and you add your own special touches.  In some ways it’s a whole days event…at least it seems that way as you are cleaning your equipment and waiting for it to bake.

Luckily I have posted for you a fool proof way to make banana bread.  Follow these instructions and hopefully yours will come out as beautiful as mine did.

  • First follow this recipe, but go ahead and eye the measures if you don’t have the appropriate tools.  If you are missing an egg or something just leave it out.
  • Add your own special touches right before it goes into the oven like chocolate chips, pineapple, almonds, pistachio, and granola
  • Put into the oven for the recommended time but if you are afraid of burning it to a crisp like you did to your cookies the other night, take it out 20 minutes early
  • Turn your cake upside down before it has a chance to solidify
  • Realize its totally underbaked so scoop it up and stick it under the steaks that are broiling on high
  • Take it out and let it cool, maybe cut a few of the choice pieces for your favorite somebody
  • Voila! You have banana bread that will if you’re lucky, will look something like this:

Yum. Tasty. Enjoy.


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