How to Organize Your Shoes

Many of us keep our shoes in the bedroom closet.  But think about what we must drag in every day. Imagine if you never walked inside with shoes on. Oh the time and money you could save cleaning your carpets.

Additionally many of us have so many shoes, we stash them away and pile them on top of one another. We forget the array we have to pick from and end up wearing out one or two pairs. Imagine if you could see all the shoes in front of you. ‘But that’s only for the rich’, you say, ‘only they can afford luxury shelving.’ On the contrary, if you stick to the basic idea, and think only of function, efficient shelving can be affordable.

Unfortunately when we focus on function and affordability, we usually have to sacrifice form.  In other words, your shelving is probably going to be ugly.  So where can we put ugly things that serve an important purpose…the garage! 

All it takes is a simple design using planks and flanks of plywood.  Make sure to build a supporting base that allows for attachment to the wall (this holds the unit in place). You can also shop the swaps for ugly shelving, or visit stores that are closing down and ask about the shelves that hold their inventory.

Put a vinyl or plastic mat in front of your unit and include a stable chair that allows for you to stand and reach the tall areas. You will want a pair of clogs, or slip-ons to transfer into while you pick from your selection.  You can wear these into the house, and around the yard, but make sure to keep slippers or soft sole shoes for most of your inside use. You will have to be careful to shake your shoes out for any critters, but hey, a girl with limited funds has got to do what a girl with limited funds has got to do.

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