Plan a 1950’s Inspired Birthday Party for that Special Fifty Something in Your Life

A woman in her fifties is probably avoiding the mirror, thinking she is getting older and maybe that her good days are behind her. I, a woman nearing her thirties, maybe you think doesn’t know what she is talking about.  But I see the sadness in that woman’s eyes when I tell her she is beautiful, because she is thinking “No, I am turning into an old woman”.  Sure, there is something quite striking about being young.  There is no doubt that the media tells us you must be young to be worth something.  But, we the daughters of our fifty something mothers don’t see the wrinkles forming around your eyes, we see the most beautiful eyes in the world.  We see you smiling with your arms around us when we were nine years old at the ice rink.  We see the youth you think is gone glowing in your heart. We see your soul, ageless and more beautiful than any wrinkle, age spot, crick in the bones could EVER stamp out.  Our bodies are only the shell which we do our best to take care of until we are born into something much bigger than we can imagine.  We are meant to grow older and it is a beautiful thing. They don’t call it the roarin’ twenties for no reason. Now is the time in your life when you can relax and enjoy being wise and patient.

So tell your fifty something mother to turn that frown upside down and celebrate another year with the ones who love her more than she knows.  Some mothers haven’t made it this far, and what their daughters wouldn’t give for one more loving embrace from the ones who made it all happen.


The 1950’s were a time in America when parents were making babies like crazy.  Baby Boomers, those born into this era, experienced a unique culture that included rock n roll, peacetime ingenuity, and a reaffirmation of traditional gender roles. The Beat generation was born, Eastern spirituality started to permeate Western thinking, and intuition began to challenge reason.

It is Party Time!


This plan calls for for 4-7 guests, because keeping it simple is key. It is designed to be an all woman’s party.


Cut a string of paper dolls, giving each one an A line dress. Paint an apron on each, here you can get as creative as you want.  The party hosts should dress the same as the paper dolls. Pin this anywhere in the room.  Put your nicest tablecloths out, preferably white.  Add a vase of fresh flowers, carnations are a good idea. Sprinkle buttons on all the tabletops. As for ambiance  Pandora Elvis Presley and you are in the money.


Remember, your party girl was just a tot in the 50’s, so their teenage era was in the 1960’s (And that’s a whole different kinda party). Birthday parties for children in the 1950s include all time favorites like pin the tail on the donkey, hopscotch, jacks, and drop the clothespin into the glass milk jug while kneeling over the back of the chair. Recreate one of these with anything you have around the house.

You might for example have a canvas poster of that elusive William Shakespeare.  Pin it on the wall and draw/cut out hats of different abstract shapes, make a blind fold out of a scarf and voila ‘Pin the Hat on Shakespeare’.  Get as playful as you want, but just choose ONE activity, we are actually adults after all.


If you are really lucky, your party will land at the same time a local theater troupe is putting on Little Shop of Horrors.  If not, viddy it on film.  La Bamba and Dirty Dancing are also great choices. During the movie you can eat your cake and ice cream.


Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting is  best, but anything will do.  As long as there are candles to blow out and a song sung in your funniest voices, all will be well.  Ice Cream Cake is another good choice and if you are having ice cream, you can’t go wrong with butter pecan.


 Snacks can be anything but make sure its family style. If you can get your hands on some nostalgic candy, go ahead and put that out there too. For your main entree, you will want to pull the chicken recipe off a Corn Flakes box.  Add mashed potatoes and green beans or cooked diced carrots with peas.  Serve on tv dinner trays. Meatloaf is another winner.

Whatever you do, leave out the lima beans.

When the party is over, all is said and done, and its time to fight the traffic once again…

Its back to the grind… 

But remember to always find, a time every day, to say I love you mom, you’re number one.

PS You know what’s really great about this generation, is that as that you can have a nostalgia party every ten years; 1960’s for that sixty something, 70’s for that seventy  something…90’s party for the ninety something, and so on.  Look forward to a post when we plan a 1960’s party someday for our jammin mom! Give em’ the Nixons!

10 thoughts on “Plan a 1950’s Inspired Birthday Party for that Special Fifty Something in Your Life

  1. Great Idea’s! when all else fails put a smile on your face and throw up the nixons! But these are great ideas i think i want to throw a party like this for my grandma. any 1920’s ideas miss corrigan??

    • I was just thinking that today when i put 3/4 of my batch of chocolate chip cookies in the oven only to find them burnt to a crisp-and company was over. And I bought the good chocolate and the good butter. Things go wrong all the time, but thats why if you keep the party simple, easy, and fun, its easier to roll with the punches. As for a 1920’s shin dig, keep on reading Cass, I am sure Miss Corrigan has something for you in the near future. Afterall, the original Miss Corrigan, the inspiration for this blog, spent her childhood in that era.

  2. Whatever you do skip the High School musicals and plays… made that mistake and ended up taking my mom to rendition of Happy Days where we saw more underwear and sex references then I would in Victoria’s Secret.

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