Take Care of You

While it is lovely to reminisce, one month after the honeymoon, its time to come back to earth.  Today I went for a short bike ride to the local library where they hold free yoga classes.  It was my first visit, and like any physical activity, I find myself having to drag my feet to get to the mat.  Afterwards I am always glad I did it and today was no exception. With essential oils on her wrist, the teacher massaged my temples while I was in my final relaxation pose, and I appreciated that.  I have found Rosemary especially to be a good for the mid month headache.  You can do this yourself of course.  Another good self massage is of your feet, using Eucalyptus.  Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.  That was the motto of the class today and its a good reminder when you are feeling drained.

TIP:  Clove oil is warming and comforting, but always mix if with an oil such as vitamin E to avoid a serious burning sensation.

TIP: Boil water along with Eucalyptus oil and Mint to open up your lungs and give yourself a chance to breathe

TIP:  Boil water along with any of your favorite herbs and oils and hover over the pot with a towel on your head for as long as you can.  This will provide a natural facial that will leave your cheeks rosy and your skin soft.

TIP:  A drop of Tea Tree oil to your shampooed head after you have towel dried your hair will extend the freshness of your clean hair.

Some people say that 95% of our brain is unconscious. remember this as you let go of your worries.  Just stopping for a moment and taking a couple deep conscious breathes will rebalance you and help you to remember how much of life is out of your control.  And that you are okay.  Don’t be so hard on yourself, you are your biggest fan.

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